eid 2k18

eid 1; ramadhan deffo didnt taught me to skip eid sermon.



eid 1.2; 💓 FAMILY 💗
ft. azzahra.

eid 1.3; one with bibik basriah lampung mari.

eid 1.5; from us, the unemployed.


eid 0 & 1; they called it "adik perempuan yang belum berkahwin redha"

eid 2; going out with the "since-2009 bitches"

eid 3; happy abah day.

eid 4; batch leader finally bites the dust.

eid 5; at room.

eid 6; still at room.

eid 7; preventing my friends from not coming to my house so i can stay at my room.

eid 8; azzahra is out and about.

eid 9; merisik for abang faaiz.

 eid 11; babysitting cenol.