may the odd

hi! its day 2 of ramadhan. at campus. AHHHHHH, i miss my mom's cooking. iftar and sahur hmm. now that i'd spend most of my ramadhan at campus yeah my last paper would end at 22 ramadhan.

this is pretty much what had happened recently;

before i went back to melaka last time, i transit at gombak to meet ma homies, don who i havent seen in years gahahah. we used to be schoolmate, classmate and even deskmate back then at saser. and hes pretty much among my closest friends yang im comfortable lah. tho hes legit cray af. so, its me and moon and yeah we planned abit early like two weeks before the day gahahah. im just saying, here, during my sophomore year, i still hardly call anyone that i just knew here as my closest friends. well, i'd say nabil lah kot like aku thank god gila he's one less kind yang annoying not like my other male classmates i seriously wanna whip their asses. its not rly much there in iiu gombak, we just having fun catching up. its been a long time since our last so yeah.

 arrived tbs kul 4. ko rasa.

kueh bengkang ubi.


so, then i went back home for ge14 holiday only to miss THE HUGEST CHANCES OF VOTING. like bih i already 21 somehow but lousy me forgot to daftar. im not really cakna abt our politics but i do know who's the devil and who would be the saviour. and the rakyat won. im just hoping there would be free education sob sob.

going back to uia, i have chem dinner on may 16. and since, my batch organized the events, having me as one of the pubpro members, i love seeing all of us working together for the triumph of an event. and god knows we did.

despite struggling to make the dinner perfect and satisfying everyone, imagine having countless sleepless nights (consecutively!!) to prepare not only for dinner but also for the coursework. sem ni dr asyik suruh buat video. pretty much everyone is doing minor in video editing now. well now that its over (except assignment dr hazman yg chillax) and last class with our dean pun dah habis (except replacement class w my fav mdm mahani), i hope my elixir is doing okay now :")

talking about ramadhan, thank you so much sape yang waqaf beras kat common room tu hahah. 

and guys, 13 reasons why season 2 is now premiered on Netflix!

may's fav: if tomorrow never comes (ronan keating)

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