fam bam

I finally subscribed to the cheaper Spotify family plan after two months of crediting ~15 bucks to them, still not too late to get familied :")

I personally couldn't afford to pay RM15 per month, consider that I have mobile data, Netflix 😩, foods, Grab😐, photocopy to spend on. RM4.50 per month is way toooo cheappp, pipol! And I couldn't imagine in the next life having to pay tax, mortgage and all, so let's get ready for that hassle by saving up!

My siblings, my friends weren't a Spotify junkie, I pretty sure they're on Joox or rather simply listen to YouTube. So, finding an empty slot on Twitter wasn't that tough. Plus, it actually saves up my phone storage, 'cause I used to download a whole load of electropop albums and have it on my phone, hence a Musixmatch biggest fan.

And I think I'm just getting a lil emo, I've been down the memory lane, listening to Westlife, MCR, Mayday Parade, Panic! at the Disco back-to-back and discovering new bands - A Rocket to the Moon and LANY! 

Last week, I had the chance to join a volunteer work hosted by my faculty to a rural area, Kampung Nenasi in Pekan, Pahang. A 3days-2nights program, I had to ditch my last minute biochem replacement class with Fizah :")
It was all joy and fun.
My junior and I (mostly two students per fam) were assigned to a foster family, with a matriarch, her pregnant daughter, her two grandkids and her 15-years-old son. I was supeeeeer awkward what to call her. Should it be mak cik? or cik? or maybe aunty. Idk, I couldn't do it without thinking if I call her mom, then I'll be having three mothers already: ummi betul, mama uia and now her. Yet, she smoothly calls herself as mak. Dang, she's been doing this a lot hahah yeah true that she's been receiving lots of anak angkat, she mentioned once.

My first day was a blatantly idk-what-to-do day. After a cringe "my name is Ibrahim but mak can call me Ayem" (but I was touched, the family actually enunciate my nickname perfectly hahaha unlike my coursemate who's still been calling me Ayim, weh its an e weh weh) and A+ efforts to ensure she didn't get bored with me with a continuous questions like; "selalu mak duduk rumah je ke cuti cuti (idk what else that could be more proper to ask πŸ˜…)" "panas eh sini (danggg ayem, you don't comment on the weather in someone's town πŸ˜–)" or "mak sokong kerajaan ke pembangkang" gahahaha of course the last question I didn't the have the guts to ask, but basically orang pekan kan semua sokong ds najib so that's it :")

Her house wasn't really a rumah kampung kayu except that there's atap zink, hence, the panas kebabom. But, it reminds me to rumah nenek kat Kampung Paku. Its like living at kampung nenek all over again ahhhhh I miss kampung and atok nenek so much. The environment wasn't really kampung-ish either because mine was placed in the family that resides at Nenasi Darat, but Nenasi Pantai is much nelayanish kampungish.

Mak is super nice like she cooked niceeee foods since day one till the last day. Seafood all the way. Not to mention, adding susu manis to every food which is completely new to me. Basically, she feeds us well there lah. I even helped her made this kueh temosa (looks like karipap but the inti is isi ikan with kelapa) and cooked nasi minyak for breakfast - of course I only acah kacau kacau the chicken. 

We had so many outdoor activities there (community work) that we didn't really actually spend much time with our foster family. There, the family actually said it ahah.

It was a gold experience lah, to sum up. I had so much fun with the other committees and the people there, the kids especially. I even envied the kids like they all are like super goddamn close kot. I remember when I was at that age, I didn't really spend my free time with my friends 'cause I live at a neighborhood where no one actually went to the same school as me, they were all like Chinese. I admit, a short stay there, I've been missing my family more, pulling me to appreciate what I already blessed with.

Here's some snippets.

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