you thought it'd be over

holy crap who would ever think march would come this fast. being a slow-paced, gasping challenge is real.

this upcoming may, i'd proudly say "i survived 2 years of uni" out loud. only if i make it. now that im in the mid of my degree journey, i've begun to doubt myself. can i finish this. can i really finish this. did i take the correct major. did i went to the right uni. what would i do with the scroll once i earned it soon. would i ever consider going to grad school. or would i switch to fit.

i thought we gotta hear other's experience cs it may help us. i say it wasnt really helpful ever since its all coming from an irrelevant person. very contradict with mine. i guess its all luck. if u met the proper person with good experience explanation, then you're one lucky human.

i thought once i entered another phase, what's left behind wouldn't follow the trail. guess im wrong. it's never getting easier. chin up, life is about growing wise.