watching oscars 2018 films

hi! since all the Oscars winners have been announced last week, i decided to watch the movies myself to know if they really deserved it bahaha pls excuse my perasan-ness. thing is, im a bad movie critic. im a tone deaf and a tone-deaf-for-films-and-tv as well. i cant see why people worshipping some actors because of their good acting cs i dont know what quality make them so good. maybe, thats why i take science lol.

disclaimer: verdicts are from Metacritic user of which i enclose the one that's closest to my reaction.

Call Me By Your Name

Beautifully acted, adapted and directed. This movie is a gem from start to finish, it deals with one of the most relatable things is live which is first love, and it manages to portray it in such an innocent and calmed way. Couldn't be any better. - GiaccoU

Get Out

keywords: racist

i read the genre was horror and it supposed to creep me out but the only creepy part was when the gardener suddenly sprints towards the main lead. tbh, this movie is predictable cs i feel like i watched somewhat a similar concept somewhere.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Phenomenal movie. If you like a story with great character development, and a plot that makes sense even though it's hard to predict, this is your show. - skobb

The Shape Of Water

The Shape of Water is Guillermo del Toro's best film to date. I don't recall ever watching a more humane movie in my life. You can see how the heart of everyone involved in the film is shed all over it. In this world, now, what humanity needs is to feel empathy for the other. And what a beautiful way to make this point over a mute who falls for a fish. Thankyou Guillermo, for speaking for those whose words aren't heard and because through your soul, I can see that it is possible to restore faith in humanity. - trustysloth

I, Tonya

An immersive, fascinating, and - above all - meaningful look into the events, mistakes, and relationships that ultimately led up to one of the most bizarre blips in the history of human behavior and pop culture, "I, Tonya" excels in nearly every facet of filmmaking possible. Performance-wise, these are some of the best you'll see all awards season, with Margot Robbie and Allison Janney offering up what could quite possibly be their career-best work. Screenwriting-wise, you're offered a fresh, atypically staged narrative with such rich thematic content and drama all throughout. Director Craig Gillespie also brings his A-game in helping depict a story with such a firm foothold in both the world of the comedy and the tragedy. It's a masterful effort, with such a "too crazy to be true" story at the center that should be seen in order to be believed. - Compi24

Lady Bird

Saoirse Ronan gives one beautifully transparent performance after another -- whether playing a confused/conniving younger sister or a trained assassin. So I like what she brings to this, and there's a "real" feel to the other acting, as well. However, it brings nothing new to the coming-of-age genre. I also feel there's been too little mention of the downright abusive nature of the mother's (Laurie Metcalf) behavior. You HOPE the girl will get away! - Lyn


Coco is an amazing film for the whole family. The atmosphere is beautiful, and the storytelling is on another level. It is an emotional journey that managed to keep me hooked the entire time. - bdmauk24

MY FAV: Lady Bird, Coco and I, Tonya.