im flying dollars

hi! just to catch up with this 30-days minimalism challenge that i'd decided to roll on ever since i had it posted last year lol. i wont follow the orders anyway, hence i'll start with day 30 - evaluate your last five purchases. but being me, i dont really remember what did i purchased in a proper sequence, but hell yeah these are what i bought for the last few months. 

disclaimer: i dont endorse any brand btw, bih im not famous :") & photos attached are not the products stated but merely for aesthetic purpose lol

1) threads by the produce skinny denim jeans // rm64.80 // feb 2018
being super skinny i hardly found a "good-on-my-waist" jeans so i was initially being skeptical to order one via online sebab the minimum waist size on zalora is 28 (and i wear 26 lol). so i decided to go for skinny jeans cs usually skinny jeans is tight already on the waist area yay. 

yes i bought from zalora cs im too broke for fashionvalet bahahah. one of the good things about zalora that i loike is their free delivery rate is as low as when ur cart reached rm75 sebab other online store often rm200 :")

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im saying: worth my penny lah kot sebab ada ke jeans below 100 hahah

i did not use any cleanser for a lengthy period of time before i decided to try this cleanser. beli pun sebab it's one of hermo's bestsellers and the hype on twitter lol. i think it works charm at some point lah jugak though aku rasa macam biasa je. takde ape lah tak reti lah nak review skincare products bahahaha.

im saying: cool packaging. tak irritates my skin. yedda yedda i dont feel guilty buying one cs its time for me to buy one.

3) bath & body works mad about you 236mL // rm60 // sept 2017
bought one masa ada store promotion kat nu sentral. its not a perfume but a body mist anyway. i dont buy the whole set lah yang ada body lotion dia sekali cs bih im broke.

im saying: smells good. worth the bucks sebab its 236mL last long meh.

4) zebra mildliner highlighters // rm30 per set // sept 2017
influenced dari beratus studyblr account, akhirnya tewas juga untuk dapatkan one collection (actually three). i like the pastel set sebab highlight tak bleed and looks beautiful on my notes :3

im saying: idk lah sebenarnya pembaziran cs i shd only buy one set je. sape nak leh dm.

5) pineng PN-951 10000 mAh power bank // rm33.90 // jan 2018
my first powerbank was a gift from mummy i think the same charging power. i exchanged mine dengan dilah masa tgh rushing nak balik kontan sebab hers dah fully charged before one occasion kena curi masa drama tinggalkan powerbank kat front basket motor moon like i literally tinggalkan depan someone (sebab poket berat) and he saw and i always thought him yang curi but after all aku lah yang benak pergi tinggal kan :") 

then i bought this murah same brand one from lazada turned out murah sebab 5000 mAh pastu dia scary gila lak tu bunyi bunyi buat cuak akhirnya selepas terjatuh beberapa kali dah tak boleh pakai. and so i bought this one. 

im saying: since power bank adalah kehidupan all im saying is money drained for power bank is ok.

p/s: i dont buy fancy items dah cs im flying dollars 💸💸💸💸💸

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