torrent blocked at school solutions

I don't like writing introductory cs it will always be "hey guyssss. I haven't written here for so long.... blah blah stuff. lol" but indeed, my last post was in June. 4 months long I haven't vent to the public yet. I did write some drafts on the queue but that's the past.

I'm currently in the mid of the first semester of my sophomore year and 5 more midterm papers to go but I took a break to download Stranger Things 2 last night as it was recently released. so my uni's wifi blocked utorrent for the reason that i cant grasp on. thx to youtube, whoever this helpful guy was, i found out about SEEDR.

close up

i always go to kickass who was once upon a time pronounced dead but came back to life to save the loner's life.

notes: the limit storage was only 2GB so make sure ur desired torrent is below 2GB.

1) go to kickass to copy the link address.

2) paste the torrent link and click add.

3) wait for it to collect seed.

4) and u can download your file now!

- the file is in ".zip" format so make sure you got yourself WinZip or stuff to extract the file.
- make sure your download is not interrupted because sometimes even if the download has finished downloading, you might cant open it.
- you can delete the torrent file on Seedr after it has been downloaded to your desktop to reduce the 2GB storage.

enjoy your time!