skam on me


i discovered this show when i scroll over tumblr and found these very beautiful cinematographic gif- how fresh. it's like watching scream queens, the set design, costume goddamn they're all pretty.

so, skam is a Norwegian teenage drama aka high school drama which im really into. comprised of four seasons with different pov each. first season tells us about eva's story - mostly dealing with her social life. noora's season was quite bland to me though she was very sweet in the previous season and she's singing more than words alahai sedap siak. season 3 was about isak and even (alert: might offends some party lel) which is more dull (to me). i like sana's season the most, 'cause its revolves around her life as a Muslim (minority in norway).

if you love skins uk, i bet you'll love this too! 

i dont even know what images to put here cs everythings is prettyyy.

p/s: they're making a france adaptation yay. hope noora can attract u to watch bahahaha.