say my name


I finished binge-watching breaking bad, yes all five seasons on last july. and IT IS MADLY GENIUS AND ADDICTIVE AS FOOK.

So, here's my bullets.

1. breaking bad is one of the tv show i watched that is pretty much realistic. its very brilliantly arranged. plot-wise.
2. i have a rotation of favourite character throughout the series. liking mr white from the very first few episode and yes, disliking jesse at the same time. but things change at season 4/5 when walter white become ruthless and jesse is very sweet, thats when my vote on jesse bloomed lmao. 
3. i didnt get it why people hate skyler white so much (i mean i get it but idgi why ppl dont see her vulnerability). on the first two seasons, when shes discovered her husband real's life of where shes freaked out, not to forget how pregnant she was, though im not even a girl i do feel how
4. i listed the first three bullets few days after watching it. now its already 8 months and i forgot the details. BUT JUST WATCH IT CS ITS EFFING WORTH IT.

mood: due to my gelabahness and sudden shit talking that is totes cringey.