why i seek refuge in twitter - pt.1


i finally;
1. added disqus comment section, instead of using the old blogger's comment.
2. managed to make a dropdown menu for my category, which will take times to update that one aha.
3. changed my social icon, ehem colourful social icon, to a white button.
4. replaced a cbox with a facebook messenger bcs the code got crashed honestly. so i took the easy way.
5. put a bloglovin follow button. idk why i get it there tbh.


//here's some of the reason why i dwell alot on twitter, rather than facebook or steff.

p/s: it's tonnes of screenshots, so u better get a good line then.

#tldr: its basically a screenshot of tweets that i can relate too. twitter was there for me when im emotionally distraught, pretty much yeah ahah.