i love u ma, dad

4th april.

happy anniversary ummi and abah.
30 is a great number.

i would love to say how grateful i am to be part of this family.
tho i know i might sometimes be a burden, i dont really mean it.
i promised myself to make u both proud.

i would love to make you both as my relationship goal.
i hope i can encounter someone as comforting as you.

i would love to make you guys happy today, tomorrow, for the rest of the days.
truly, really sorry again for being a complete dope, disappointing you.
but i'm growing up now.

i would love to say how much i love you guys. without fear and feeling nervous.
but sometimes i cant, and i hate it.
but i still love you guys.

i would love to let you know how actually you guys deserved a better outcome from me.
but sometimes i get distracted, i need your prayers.

i would love to see the happiness will perpetually there staying beside you guys.
bcs one of my deepest fear is a loss.

i'm sorry for everything. and again.
happy anniversary to the one who brought me to this world.