fourth week, april


last week was tiring af! i was goddamn occupied errday. needless to say. came back home last week which is a great time to relax.

this post is supposed to be le content on those packed weeks but heh.

i stopped tweeting for one week and its was good cs i dont get to see annoying, fake tweets on my timeline.

i just wanna share with u guys my april's fav.

i discovered noah cyrus, guys! yes those who didnt know, shes rly miley lil sister, merely 18. her first single wasnt really addictive but enough to make me keep it on loops. her next single, stay together is catchy and dreamyyyy~!

i also just found about matty queen bee. his liability's cover is beautiful though.

riverdale is getting shitty day by day. the embodiment of archie is such a, ehm, gnome.

and i finished fantastic beast today and mate that wasnt spicy enough though but eddie redmayne is somehow possessed this idk aura.

final in three weeks and I GOTTA GET READY.