13 reasons why

disclaimer: just verdicts of mine, that i keep to myself.

i finished netflix's 13 reasons why in one day, pheuww indeed im a loser nerd who spends his weekend curling on bed, eyes got radiated by the screen's light beam. i got my laptop working 3/4 of the day, and its awful actually.

1. i have a series of emotion-changes throughout my watching. it started with a cool, relaxed me just when im watching love, rosie (yh it didnt hit me when sam claflin and lily separated cs i was expecting a better actor lel). 
2. the first half of it made me hating alex. that scene when he drove the car so fast, i threw much foul words cs he's like acting cool and the moments justin and his posse didnt even feel annoyed, disgust me more. 
3. the sheri's tape had me quite thinking its hannah fault too, which leads to the me disliking hannah at the end (although the whole movie is about hannah's killing herself which is a motive to actually feel her). 
4. and really just before season 1 ends, mr porter is such a repugnance, cs i know how does it feel to be hannah when she's meeting him. he's so oblivious and the way how he blaming victim (including the ryan eps) is just beyond ignorance. 
5. but, at least he realized he was indirectly involved in the suicide, as for the full-of-herself-courtney who could never see the wrong in herself which is actually pitiful for her for being that. 
6. i dont really get it, why zach is actually mattered cs i dont really think he bring that big significant tho. and that pathetic, creep tyler whose actually truly pathetic, but i get how does it feel to be picked up in school. and i also ignored tony, im sorry but maybe since he's not in the list i guess.
7. and marcus is legit a super douchebag, that dollar valentine and framing clay is just hateful.
8. however the biggest douchebag is none other than bryce-effin-walker, the rapist who makes stupid-justin feel guilty, both equally nut-ass. 
9. i find the suicide moment really disturbing and shouldnt actually being placed. and the event when olivia baker found hannah's floating, dead was really sad. i couldnt imagine how my parents would react. 
10. indeed, clay and jeff really deserved a better ending.
11. sheri > jessica.
12. clay has a cool parent.
13. i couldnt rly sympathize hannah for what happened, i thought she just needed someone to blame for her departure. i think jessica burns (in- a girl like her) deserved more.

my fav character would be clay, skye, jeff, ryan, mrs bakers cs their acting were so good, and ofc they were nice, ok maybe except ryan lol but i admire whenever he responds to someone.

first season left me guessing which is surely we are anticipating a new season. maybe 13 reasons why alex killed himself? and fair enough i'll never let myself making my own ending for all characters ahah.

it's really a good series that everyone must watch cs truly, school system can be sucks.

p/s: i shd probably make my own 13 reasons why i shd stay in school. and idk why i keep on imagining avril lavigne song while watching this show.

photo courtesy: google, weheartit