fountain hopeless kingdom

enjoying my mid-semester break well there goes myself who's just as clueless as before. had fun with the kids, my dear cuzzies, and the families. we played together, we talked together, we eat together, we ride a bike together, we sang sakitnya tuh di sini together (yeah that smule thingy), we laughed together over the jokes that constantly in my head- basically i hung out with my family more this cuti. literally no messages and interruption from the people of kuantan or anyone that went to my school.

when u balik kampung, its mean theres a chance of random encounter with your old friends and teachers. i met two of my elementary school's teachers today. and yeah they were excited and smiling, and i was mostly touched cs they legit still remembered me. but i'd say i actually do not like stumble upon them at this state. it's just, the leaf's color already fading. he's now going places and once was that expected and supposed kind but now its just dont work anymore. i know whats wrong, now im trying to fix it cs imagination is too unruly. otherwise, its all going back to him one. rather, i hate deep thoughts cs u tend to become ungrateful and its just bring you down, so much low.

you dont wanna leak your issues to the public (i assume this place is reachable) so i tried to keep everything nice by a promising facade. but i've caught myself dealing with quite an amount of peers trouble that i initially knew i'd eventually get my shit into such mess. you know the only person u can rely with is only you and that quite much can diffuse into yr head to make you stronger enough tomorrow. when they threw shade as if they were better enough, i know crap hell of the opposite. it ought to be handleable cs no poopsie make it to the end and it's bcs u can actually speak out even if it got to be virtual. fight for solidarity.

this week gotta be so serious. and i have to be serious too. and how stressful it is to know how mulan's reflection really speaks to the soul with xtina vocals im just tearing inside. also enjoying britney's oldies cs pre-breakdown is yet pure. out of this randomness, lowkey excited for got season 7 premiere, lorde's melodrama, halsey's fountain hopeless kingdom, semester break, semester break so i got to be with my home and fam.

just a normal situation from a normal life.