a crumble

yass. im writing weekly now.

so i reached home this subh. took bus that departed at 1am. might sounds stufid as i just wanna try a late night journey. 

beforehand, i think i dare myself. very cray of me semata boarded 1am venture sebab nak experience sth paranormal (bleurgh damn i did not said that, i was subconscious). turned out, banyak je bangla naik sekali. and unexpectedly one route dengan izzati (ma roommate's belle) so at least if sth happened, i got another uia mates here together lol.

end of the story. safely arrived at 5:30am. menyelingkar satu melaka sentral for about two and a half hour cs too nice to ask abang or abah to pick me up cs man let them pray subh at least first. i stepped home exactly at 9 :") it was friday, deffo not a good day fr this to happen again next. imma get pumped. and i blew off my sc story perceiving how fricking amateur i am in this snapshooting field lmao.

lesson: its always the wrong idea to balik kampung with flip flop cs i legit thought my feet were pseudo-died freezing.

last week i think i got sick lah. flu (cs i dont hv that oftenly-sneezing-syndrome easily) and cough (where the best part is im still in love with my voice when i got cough cs it sounds goddamn good to me lmao). telling u this bcs erm erm first time i got fever this year. woot woot lmao chill.

i havent tell u about my pcc story well its already 10 days after the event and i didnt event make a draft out of it. planning to scribble a few when feb ended soon hopefully someone will still love my college rants.

no monday class this week cs dr zurina kahwin tmrw. at perak. so cannot go lah cs damn jauh. despite she invited us and how really nice she is sepanjang perkenalan so its really hit me at one point lah for us for not attending but yh she'll totally get it. selamat pengatin baru dr! we still love your class~

i accidentally came across this twitpic and i kind of need to read this every day i wake up and each time i shut my eyes :((

todei's breaking story is whatsapp status or whatsapp story, idk what it is really called of. well, why do another big app copying snapchat feature duh can sc sue them. eventhough im no longer a whatsapp status virgin cs i posted my first story, just testing and realized everyones in my contact can see them. which is in whatsapp case is your sanak saudara more importantly :") but yes, there's the button to control your privacy lah hahah. just wanna say can u guys leave snapchat alone uh.

since i finished the crown few weeks ago (and guys i was in top 3 in malaysia for quiz up's the crown ranking kot hahahaha) im now on first season of breaking bad. and yall IT WAS GOOD SO FAR. i mean its really realistic, manage to catch my interest every single minutes. and the sole reason im watching it is bcs erm bcs it is a chem-related show i think lol. but still prominently the reason i watched one's series is because of the soap opera kind of vibe. oh yeah, and also riverdale which is already aired for fifth episode. that was cool too, for a living trapped teenager like me ahah. and im gonna confess i legit can get depressed if they didnt paired archie with betty like serious shyt haha.

the house right now is really sunyi cs its just mom, dad, bibik, nenek, abang and me. i feel bad that now my parents were like practically erm alone with no kids. but no worry cs my sis never forget to posts her daughter's photos on fam's group chat so a lil bit can cheers them up i hope! and later dah cuti so everyone will gather back cant wait to get escape from this lousy routine. lab reports deadline come haunting back. oh yeah, busu's baby bump also pretty obvious now wohoo new cuzzy soon.

p/s: i found back my selipar at the same surau. an anon used it for toilet purpose. and computer in science still a nuisance but fret not imma plan for that.

its getting busy and busier. toodles.