this is totally a random post of everything related to January 2017.

1. last few weeks, I got to meet my niece live for the first time! this is practically an exciting feeds here lah because this situation is kinda new to me. but, girl still so small, I dont even dare to cradle her yeah for her safety cs I might send her away if i got startled. and her name is ainul mardhiah :') reckon she can win beauty pageant just by holding that name hahaha. let's wait till she grows for few months then.

#i touched her hahaha ;')

ohh anyway congratulations to bambam for making it to his new school!! starting off his brand new days in mrsm this feb. well good luck kid. if u do really well on your lower form, i wont hesitate to say you'll going to do much better for spm cs my idea on how you'll already cope that homesick, etc etc at the age of 13 cs i only get to do that on 16. just stay on the right lane lah, know why you attend there, pick good friends and take that chances to be a good young muslim there. thats all. if you read this, MAKE UMMI ABAH PROUD!!! now, with fatso leaving, left mom and dad only at home. oh with nenek and bibikz. also abang before he set off this april maybe, probably. i'll try to come home as often as i can anyway :')

#tell me who doesnt like teasing their youngest siblings ahaha
#ok i got teased too somehow

2. I dont even know how and when did I first thought to start this tag. well, apparently I'm going to share my bargains this month not bcs im claiming my bragging right, but bcs just to extend this post, making it longer.

- i can say im a stationery junkie. (one of my junkie talent, the others will be told later) really weird for me to possess this cs its not cool. supposedly im a pebble-freak, hoarding thousands of cute, rare stone just to make my ambition a geologist already. ok snap it, if you have trouble finding a good pen for you to write, i'd recommend this pen. i dont want to name it rather giving the pic bcs the design is quite easy to remember.

#photography noob

the story of how i fall in love with this pen was when i first met him/her after finishing my last physic class, found it atas meja. my first thoughts was this pen looks very mahal one (or maybe my telling-value is low). as if someone might say i curi a pen but u imagine then im using that pen for my final exam :')

some of my previous favorite includes these (a ratchet pilot pen) that i try hard to make my parents bought it for me despite the price 3 hengget (almost 4) per piece. i remembered my dad purchased like 6 pens of these before my spm lol.

and then i grow up and start to make a decision of life. decision of saving up. but this edition (the marhaen faber castell), the black one is truly crap. ink macam nak tak nak keluar.

so, i stick my black pen to this one (the stabilo where u can uncap and cap it back lmao). using it until the last blood. now he's dead, i've no black pen.

i know how cheesy this writing is right lmao guys chill :')

p/s: what an awful, lame launching. i'll do better next time lol.

3. Pokemon Go

i know this is very ancient. well, we all know that pokemon go is that-stuff that born and also die on 2016. and yet i started my first venture on sept which is like a month late (it is available in malaysia on aug rite?) and only to catch he-who-shall-not-be-named (psssttt, a charm-ander) LOL. 

have u ever heard ten years ago or maybe more, about how pokemon literally means saya sayang yahudi in malay? (mindblown) and how eight-years-old-me legit grasp the fact that charmander actually means allah itu lemah. allahu, whoever do this in the past really did a tragic job to us, kids that time. now, im fully persuaded that charmander is a combination of charchoal with salamander bcs its make sense eh. so explain to anyone arguing, just cut that coal from charcoal and sala from salamander and join them. 

now, am at level 11. early level 11. no pokeballs to catch the others. probably considering the fact that my home is quite secluded as pokestop is jauh, nowhere to be seen, the nearest was like masjid like you need to cross the big road woah im not going even if u dare. so, short story. my life with pokemon go is slowly terminating cs bruhh no pokeballs. and i'm lazy to hatch eggs for pokeballs tho like bruhhh its jan 2017, if you got caught playing it in public, it could be a disgrace (my friends logic)


p/s: im very disappointed how i miss a snorlax with cp 800++ like an effing snorlax kot and also the story of an egg that demands a 5km walk but turned up not hatching just disappeared poof like that. erm. silently cursing.

4. Im going back T.T

booked my ticket already, going away this monday. haiyo, only two weeks at home. now, with the news on how segamat banjir (my bus transit at segamat) so idk hows that then, but by 30 i guess it will surut. and my campus is not banjir so fuhh.

and new batch is registering. we were like, 'guys are you really should checking in, though?' hahaha cs we were only juniors just for one semester (#nochill), only now that we have to share. i dont want to be older than anyone in my campus cs forever young can be real. kidding anyway. just to mention how uia system is not fetch cutting it short to a-year-and-half for asasi during their time, but not ours cs we spend two years there surviving in the moist, ehem, beautiful mahallah (with lots of kisah hantu tapi tak pernah encounter pun) but anyway thanks for making it in pj though. two years in pj pheuwww. two years with allowance pheuwww.

ohh anyway, i wanna tell you that i survived my organic chemistry ;'))))))))) i couldnt be more happier ya allah ;'))))))

and i'll strive my best for next semester's carry mark cs that one haa very tricky cs i really thought my mgt carry mark is quite at a good level only to know its already sank deep duh. and writing footnote is not working ahah. no one buy it anymore.

5. Current reads.

sorry no current read for this month lol. but im on the second page of a game of throne but that one is hard eh. with only pdf version and not physical book though lol. let's see what can i bring to the table next month.

8. The Crown. (yes that netflix original series)

I just started this series few days ago and stopped at episode 4 bcs im probably not into biographical drama well but this one is actually good cs i finally get to know the british royal family story. the dead of king george which crowned queen elizabeth at sole age 25. the story of the younger princess, how badass she is. badass not in a good meaning anyway. now that i know why prince philip bear the title prince not king cs logically he is duh. and the interesting abdication which is only for the earlier part. god, give me strength to finish this so i can make my own crap review next. (i tried to make one for stranger things but yh no talent for review writing)

fav character so far: princess margaret (she really looks like kinah), prince philip (my first thought is this character would flop, well he's probably not)

9. looks i know this is very unusual for me (at least for a species) but I just wanna say that anak que haidar bapak comel siot. go check ratu and cleopatra especially that small cleo, so adorable! im now fanboying this two. and how in the hell i didnt discovered them before haih. chill, just being their no. 1 fan lmao 😂😂😂

#when food is more important

#omg hahahaha ko tengok lah yg kecik tu

#look how smol she is and why shes the only one sitting on the chair hahahaha

10. Some of my best screenshots.

#bacon caramel popcorn

#unused data is not carried away puihhh

11. And twitter resources.

#oh anep's back anyway

12. and of course memes found (actually i screenshotted from iman azman's ig story lol) this month.