howdy 2017!


its weird. the calendar is aging. 2017 is a big epoch. my first thought when the clock strikes 12 is that in 11 months i'll be turning 21 (legit 21, and then 29 oh god) cs im pretty sure i was 20 few months ago. goddamn fast.
so im not prepared for any posts on new-year-resolutions or 2016-wrap-up-posts or even what-have-i-learned-in-2016 etc etc. but, i'll still filling the spaces for those. whats new year post without that kan ahah.
hahahah i just realized that i dont post much this year (i dont laugh because of this, but rather) and was distracted with my 2016 entry on resolution. how cringy. checking it back, its seem like erm like 2 and a quarter (still am grateful) out of a pile of azam-tahun-baru was reached while the others would forever be recycled as the same stock for the upcoming yearszzzz.

talking about saving up. uhm, ok we need to talk seriously then. oh man. i pretty sure im a loser. i couldnt resist getting involve into any transaction, both online or in physical store.

last year, im was planning to buy a hedgehog bcs its like the cutest pet ever (ok actually just want to look cool thats all) but my hostel wont let me pet one...... i dont have much to say about this grumble-what-happened-in-2016-part. ok, moving on.

i (seriously) learned that (i got this on a draft because i really want to compile it but yeah something had already sunk so apa yang ada je lah)
- everyone is vulnerable in their own way despite their outer strength. privilege for observant to tackle their weakness!
- we cant be too quick to judge. just because h/she doesn’t say hi to us, doesn’t mean h/she is a vain. i learned that everyone possess their own kind of resting bitchface, including me so pls deal with it. 
- be nice to everyone. at this rate, you have to grow up and dismiss any drama. if you don't receive an equal kindness in return, let them be.
- calculate your budget and save up. future is scary, saving up is always a good idea. (dang, this again)
- always keep your nest clean and breathable. and free from dirty people (both outer and inner).
- everyone is not same as you. upbringing, education, institution, family, all differ from you. but after all we are all, human with feeling and conscience, so be considerate. your ignorance will slap you in the face i swear. and people seriously need to acknowledge this.
- family always the first.
- to always keep a journal. i repeat. write whatever lingers on your thought on a piece of paper. it seriously worth it.

and also here in uni, (wrote for a draft only after one semester pheuw)
- i learned that akan ada orang yang mengata belakang kau. it’s time to grow up untuk tidak backlash balik either via subtweet or direct slur.
- akan ada orang yang tak boleh tengok kau lebih. just let them lick that. you focus on yourself. 
- choose your group partners wisely! akan ada durjana tak berguna, even enrolled in uni already still hm idk what to say.
- library is always the BEST ENVIRONMENT TO STUDY. I KID YOU NOT.
- and the list goes on until i graduated.

lets go easy - 2016 is like the same previous years, full of ups and downs, an emotional roller coaster ride. nothing significant really happened (or actually im just running out of time to check one by one bcs i need to post this before second january lol petty)


oh yeah, house rawi is receiving a new member! welcome aboard gal! idk what would her name be (yet everyone seems to name her ainul) but i feel like calling her nals (i pray she'll grow pretty and smart and solehah and all). and absolutely no picture because i reckon newborn picture is all the same. i know you agree with me. they will only show differences after few months.

its really crazy knowing that my sister is now a mother. my bil that i know only for a year is a dad already. and my parents now a grandparent. bcs i swear we were only small the last time i checked us lol. saddle up and munch the fact that everyone growing up so fast now.

amai would take on his first class on high school. acap being a spm candidate. dilah now only one year left before turning 20. abang faaiz would get a job in any longer and maybe be getting hitched (a new member again haha).

and this year resolutions would only be
- drink tonnes and gallons of water. plain water. full stop.
- updates this part-of-me frequently at least twice a week cs i can feel we're slowly falling apart. i have already prepared some new tags for 2017. u can stay tuned maybe. hope not a flop.
- also updates my tumblr as frequent as i hope as the above. oh yh, u can scroll over my tumblr bcs most of my raw rants were written there bcs i need to keep this blog clean for some reasons ahah.
- be independent! and cut off toxic people bcs man i swear i met A LOT of negative people around me and what worst is that they were among my circle duh.
- INVENT A CONSISTENT STUDY ROUTINE. thats all i would ask for my next birthday gift. first semester teaches me that college and uni are just two different world.

hey, dont skip this part. i'll be having another 3 papers for my final this month. islamic worldview, maths and principle&practices of management. WISH ME LUCK! READ MY NAME IN YOUR PRAYERS AND SAY GRANT-THIS-POOR-BOY-SUCCESS. THANKS !

i wish u all the best for 2017.