things just dont get easier

I have a lot of interest. i get inspired so easily yet, i cant even inspire myself.

whenever I read a book review from someone i know, my interest in reading elevate greatly.

whenever I get to read tweets about cool, rad adult issues, stuffed with envious vocabs, im pumped to be at the same space.

whenever I stumble on tumblr (which i mostly followed studyblr), my mood of studying and making beautiful notes increase.

whenever I came across acneskinsite tweets, my passion for getting flawless skin increase.

whenever I see a beautiful doodle or drawing illustrated on Instagram or anywhere, I become so excited to make one.

whenever I noticed my friends checked out at a place I've never been to, i've been buying my imaginary ticket online already.

I'm so complicated. And what make me sad is the joy and interest are solely temporary.