the first two months


i dont want to miss out this opportunity to leak over all my past journey and thoughts in hope of sharing and for future self-reading.

since i've been enrolled in my uni for nearly two months, things have quite changed already. well, it almost as hectic as my previous life in college but thang surely just got better. pretty much i'd say im doing good (well not that really good) but at least im happy, i enjoy my life here (at least up till now, hopefully i can bear this until the last drip).

i really want to write whats happened during my taaruf week. my first two weeks full of craps and the-overthinking-syndrome, but free foods, a small good part for me at least lol. and now, what sick is how im tryin to juggle up this new tough life. academic alone is so tiring,

so when i decide to write, when i have already conceived a cool draft in my mind, when i already have a lot of fun memories to drain into, that where i knew i'd missed my points. i. just. dont. have. time. man. or. maybe. im. not.

somehow back then during my taaruf week, everything was good. the committee deserved an applause well i rather said that. i skipped the culture night because i dont have company, well this is important just to mark that i dont get myself a sticker for the attendance. they said when you dont earn enough stickers, you will repeat your orientation in the next session. like hello, what kind of goosebumps is that, try harder hahah. (facts is taaruf is when you're being stupidly desperate, pretending to be cool when you're not and the ideas of gross-mingle ever when there's still built-in hierarchy so yeah).

ok now the nice part of me where i'm being grateful. i just love my room. it may not as comfortable as those one in the campus in the london. but, it just as cozy as i'm pleased to menghamba-abdikan myself to this kind of room. best part is they managed to get us a study table. i mean, a decent study table *blows nail* as for the i-rather-study-on-the-floor-than-on-my-table back at cfs before. we have our compartment divided by the curtains- ada lah privacy sikit nak salin baju ke selesa dua belah pihak. and thanks mom sebab belanja duvet like seriously everyone that came visiting, went back with envy, walao of course i have the best mum. :)

im really glad to tell u yang im happy to be placed in this chemistry family. ive already decline those initial negative thoughts. its time to grow up! everyone's nice, most of them are just funny. first year ada 9 brothers only including me and everyone's cool. at least semua boleh masuk. cs i dead pray im not going to the class with half-ass kid. sisters ada 40, like yes fourty sisters. and i was half surprised kot knowing yang most of them came from pj and whats suck than tak kenal any of them. like yang recognizable was only 6 out of 40. duh what i'm doing with my life back then in pj. yes, seriously, i was a craphole masa foundation. didnt really performed hence the vibe i emitted myself. now, with these helpful coursemates, things hopefully would be ok next.

i would say the previous ikod were the culprit of these bond after all. last week, the uni buat this open day we called ikod (stand for iium kuantan open day) where everyone can come and enjoy themselves. so many activities, yet so many booth opened (punca miskin somehow). our department (chemistry) kena join this kidz wonderland (inspired by kidzania) where kids would come and tengok our booth which we will do something exciting to them. ours, we performed fews basic experiments and bukan selalu hari indah, ada juga kanak-kanak yang muka tak amazed, ada juga yang dah start menangis nak balik. after all, it's really fun. few days before the incident day, was the time where we indirectly did the taaruf. and also the lab session was the perfect time trying to get to know everyone. then, we have the mentor-mentee where the cool things is all about belanja makan hehe. 

labbb. this one crucial things in my life now. lab was hella fun. i have my lab session for phy, organic chem and inorganic chem. and as usual, physics is the boring one. why do i have to take this subj after the disappointment over spm haih lol. organic is the most fun kot though paling challenging but i swear its really pleasing. inorganic was like the simplest experiment macam high school punya level je tapi ya tohan dia punya report nak buatnya macam stress tahan berak,

my lecturers are very much inspiring. two of them graduated from top uni and reading their biography have lead me to what i wanna reach next. this is the lane that ive been searching for ive lost before.

i just want you to know, my life is pretty much macam roller coaster now. im so so busy. first time rasa beban banyak gila. lab report punca utama tak senang. three reports settled within one week. habis satu, datang lagi satu. but fret not, lepas mid term, im free as teddy- yasss, i wont have class belah petang cs no lab anymore. then, i have stacked assignment, my highlight would be islamic worldview. i would say, im not really into philosophy thus masuk kelas unggas ni wasnt good as i am in math class. but its fun, its just exacting like salute those in this field.

talking about finance, it really a sad, tragic story. but im ok je. sebab tu kena attend kelas management i think.

i have three midterm exams in two weeks. next week is the craziest, three assignments, quizzes and report submission. wish me luck and pray for my sanity. this is just the beginning ;)

p/s: no pic bcs its dope.