my body ache, it hurts my brain (due to excessive passive activities on the bed, as a matter of fact). i probably need to lipstick writing a mirror "you can do it" every morning so i wont get overthink easily.

my stuffs are honestly only 90% prepared. the rest 10 percent is including me being petty. currently-used shampoo kat toilet, some stuffs in the fridge, attire planing for the next next days, tong sampah (real hero here), how to sumbat everything to reduce the usage of large, heavy boxes, my grad cert yang terpaksa manually claim kat pos (the story of me being clumsy), bebantal (this semester i'm bringing three, and maybe i'll try sneak a bantal peluk bcs mum wont let me bring one. bantal peluk is everyone's bestfriend). 

unsaid thoughts: i feel bad for the splurge. i need to get a copy of the invoice as my motivation throughout the years T.T 

tbh, things yang make me cold feet are; who would be my new roommate, coursemate, lecturer, makcik cafe lel. people are damn scary. i believe that i can handle a life issue (without the human participation), but getting into a network is way crazier than im think i'm ready. since, i didnt make alot of friends back in cfs and only kenal my classmates je (akibat tak desperate nak join club or usrah or kesatuan mahallah, i was actually in one science club there masa sem one but the activities are really lame that i decide to secretly keluar - they asked me to jual kerepek room by room. erm. i literally experience my cringey moments for two weeks) so i decide to associate with people of my common. i envy people who can talk. seriously be glad you are. the struggles are indeed real but lets always make a room for an upturn~

thanks kuantan campus sebab decide to established on 2010s (eh) sebab thats how we know the quality of facility lol. i've been craving a room like ukc since sem 2 kat abc, and i might get a better ukc in a few days. hopefully. coursemate ////. lets pray yang i'll be sorted into group of new students. hopefully no psycho tutor. and the course itself wont be so suffocating. i havent read anything about the coursework or what, but 60 percent for final in cfs dulu was totally pain in the ass.

im not even sure if i have already get the whole idea of studyblr but its really crazy to know im attending the first class real soon and havent figured out any prep either haih.

harapan tawe: less awkward, with me being dubbed nice (indicator: smile). 

i pray hard this path Allah has decide for me would be better than i could afford or imagine. thanks fr these present rezeki, and the past one tho. i couldnt be more grateful~

note: my fam is the best and i love em.

for all of us: never underestimate the power of du'a.

lastly, pettiness check: 

easy updates: im going to be a college freshman this sept.

assalamualaikum, and stay on the right lane :)


  1. seems like someone is having a hard time..

    1. Eventually it would be a happy ending hahah we just hv to be strong to endure :)


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