juli bakers

I've been doing good these past days, weeks. What I mean by good is, I'm not really stressing over something unworthy, ya its really important to always content with our current state.

Few weeks ago, I got the chances to work (I dont really deem that as a job yeah its kinda like a little help I lent over to the people there hahah) as an invigilator at a university near to my house. Well, thanks to my dad - the reason of how I got accepted I guess hahah. Well, the span was around three weeks- thats go before and after the eid's holiday. It really was an easy work. Very carefree yet tedious hahah as expected. Our overseers were really cool and spontaneously funny hahah, I must state that. I barely find myself breathless because everything was just cool. Looking over the students answering their examination question made me anxious about getting into my first semester already. Idk if I have already collected enough guts for that challenge.

Well, not much to say about that. But, it was a fun experience. The students were good, basically (thumbs up for those in accounting for a very convenient cooperation). I hope you guys excel.

I've done my third part of my driving license process which is the practical class. Well, I actually took the class back (aka taking back my B2 license sebab my previous lesen L already mati hence I need to start from the bottom). I failed my computer test at first try. And it was really sad. On my second take, I took literally 20 minutes to check over and over again because I'm afraid of getting 41 again which is slightly below the passing mark 42. Now I know how one mark really matters. And Alhamdullilah, He was just. Now I've already took the amali class, which left the few hours of doing latihan as a preparation for JPJ test which I dont feel like taking it hmmm

This new halangan berbonggol is really tough. I remembered the last time I failed my B2 test for four times was because of the titi. Now, I'm glad I took that quite well. Now, with the berbonggol stuffs and the RPM (whatever it is named), haih.

While waiting for my sept admission, I was again drowned into my bingewatching habits. Back before I started my break, I was really pumped to finish at least several seasons of pretty little liars since I've done the first on Netflix few months ago before my subscription is terminated lol. And also, get a start over few kdramas.

And its too bad that I cant even get to finish any of my anime series. Maybe I dont really feel the urge to do so probably because its not tempting enough. #sorrynotafanofanime And my storage capactiy just cant stop bleeding in red lol probably need to buy an external storage real soon. I cant help myself with this habit of downloading. For I've watched quite a number of movies, I always thought on making a movie review. We'll look forward to it.

That post title wasnt really hint anything. I just thought of it after watched flipped last night plus today is still july so hope that answered.

p/s: Pokemon Go, please release on Malaysia already. I'm tired of waiting. I could die of it.