an update on my study


Just in case, if any of you wondered, yes, I'm launching a new blog-design. I had fixed alot of things. From the unopenable comments section to standardizing the labels, and even to combat my silly old posts lol.

With these wide ranges of categories, I hope I can stay relevant, lol in any means you can browse the section I made there.

And, alhamdulillah. My university application got accepted and I'll be starting my very first bachelor's degree studies this Sept. If any of u wondering, i'm taking Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry) in IIUM. Hopefully, everything will turn out well, and let's pray that I don't die in a pile of books there (I doubt if I actually will swim in the pool of books either). 

And for that, I might start my studyblr soon lol. Still figuring out how will that works at this platform since I can't even change the term.

Best regards. I hope you're doing well too. If you don't and need to vent, hit me up on my email :)

p/s: I can't think any better make-up post so let's just pretend this is the best I could afford.