pengawas exam and beauty blonde


How’s your last 10 days of Ramadhan going? Mine is remorseful. I didnt take the chance, wait, HUGE CHANCES *real tears emoji* to pray and read the Quran on the night. Man, little did I care if last night or last two nights were malam Laylatul Qadar. I’m so upset with myself for letting this go. DAMN.

I promised myself tonight I’ll try to at least perform tarawih, hajat, taubat, tahajjud and witir together. So, I need to sleep exactly an hour after iftar. I’ve done that a few times before, went to bed at 8++pm and woke at 12++am. And I literally ashamed with my Creator that I couldnt finish the whole Quran in this holy month. Like, before Ramadhan came, I swore I’m so tempted to khatam at least one time but things get hell, I screamed internally. But, I’ll try finish one juzuk before dawn.

But, wait. I’m working tomorrow. And had to come before 7:30am. But I kinda like it cs it was really easy 😆 Apart from I have to behave myself as my dad is a lecturer (too bad he’s an ustaz too!). Big tense huh. It’s only day 4 and I already feel numb. Here are some details.

  1. There’s two session, morning and evening. Basically, we have to come an hour and half earlier.
  2. UiTM (yes, I got hired in UiTM during their June final exam) took 6 people and I was one of them. So, good news is that you’re not going to supervise the whole session of exam. Man, I could died getting my legs broken by the end of the exam.
  3. One session can get up to 3 hours. *Crying a riverrrrrrrr*
  4. The works (ehem easy works) are basically,
    • Come early (Idk, i need to perceive this as a work list lol)
    • Report for duty (lol, do you know that I freaked out on my first day because I thought I didnt come on morning session lol when actually my session is on the evening)
    • Stick the name list papers, yes papers, one session can hold almost 200++ students, on the board outside the hall. Update the date, group number and duration. On the evening, beware, you could perspire just before the exam start but chill we had the air cond to cool it off in minutes.
    • Stick the table number on this steel thingy just to aid them searching their table.
    • Distribute the exam question papers, answer booklets and attendance slip.
    • Wait for few minutes before the Head Invigilator (which is surely the lecturer there) brief about the exam over and over again. Why do we have to remind the same effing things the whole time. Ugh can u just roll on it already.
    • Each of us will be assigned one group per person.
    • Collect the attendance slip, check on their matric card, examination slip, inspect thoroughly their stuffs if they brought any notes or whatnots. I dont make eye contact because it will slow me down. Most of the candidates are one to three years older than me. But, I must say, some of them was omg kerek nak mampus, ugh sad job.
    • I dont actually check if their exam slip and all is tally to each other or not. My mission is just to collect the attendance slip and make sure there’s no notes. I’m too nervous to get a quick crush.
    • Walk around and see they answered. This is the most poyo-est things I have ever done LOL.
    • Turn on hawk-eye mode in case if they’re any students raise their hands. Mostly, want to go to the toilet, or left something at the outside, or asking for additional booklets, shiverred to hell yet asking to slow the air cond down. The latter is the most hell-est thing (macamlah aku kerja maintanenance bang, tahu sejuk lain kali bawa sweater ya)
    • Killing the three hours (max duration) with daydreaming.
    • At the end of the examination, collect the answer booklets and count and all.

I’m bored, but I’m okay.

Yesterday, three blonde, Western girls came to our house. I actually dont get myself clear for what reason they’re coming. Maybe they wanna trade culture? Or experience living in suburban life (excuse me, the entire westland is not merely a metropolitan living) But, I just dont really care.

Since, its like a special thang to us, the Melayu, mom invites over the whole family to come and beramah mesra. It’s weird as hell. 

I wonder, why when foreigners came to our lands they are free to speak their mother tongue and we are anxious about that thus we have to speak their native language to communicate. Excuse me, is that just prove that how sad and pathetic is Malay language to them? Like, for Japan, I bet, some of the tourist would learn the Japanese first before go to the islands.

But, overall it was fun. Except that I didnt grab the slightest opportunity to chat over and share stories. I dont even know how to initiate one. One of the girls are so cheeky and active. She’s so hyperactive with all her hands and mouths. As a decent race, we accept that as a unique and cute things. But, I thinks its quite weird and immature of her. Maybe she suffered ADHD, who knows. But, she’s still cute though.

The three of them overnight at our house and woke up for sahur. And continue travel to Kuantan this Subuh.

And I’m here still waiting for ettv to upload the final episode of GoT on kickass. Oh God, I cant wait for the last episode.