how do u welcome ramadhan

so hows your first week of ramadhan?

Have u already defeated that "omg-when-will-they-call-the-azan-maghrib-huaaa" feeling. Lol, at 2pm, I can still being chill and not having a little care about food. It's even awesome when still feel nothing while preparing for iftar lol.  Let me tell you that secret: sleep till 12pm.

Lol! That wasnt planned after all. I mean, being me, I didnt want that to happen like I keep telling myself, oh dear you wont do that again. But, still being me. I lead that to happen. Poof. 

So, basically what I've already perceived right now is you won't change or feeling bad for doing it, not until you experience something awful.

Such as, a sudden hype of u can die from oversleeping (lmao). That time baru tahu nak get enough sleep in order to evade that lol. We'll get this focus on, later.

Back to ramadhan - the month of self-reflection, inner-cleansing and blessings.

Ramadhan is special. Just imagine the rewards we will get for a number of good deeds already! Thats how we make the most of Ramadhan.

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But still I wondered why I didnt feel excited as the others (including that fake one you name who) when Ramadhans coming. Feels like sama je bulan puasa ke tidak except that we abstain ourselves from eating and anything that can batalkan your puasa and on night solat terawih is legit to do throughout this month. I dont wanna be plastic for not genuinely tweeting - "I'm so happy Ramadhan is coming!" - so I just wished everyone happy ramadhan instead like happy birthday because somehow it feels like an obligatory tweet dontcha.

Thats totally need a healing! And I surely need to constantly get work on that.

Anyhow its all back to your niat and your own effort to discover more about the logic to feed your curiosity.

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On Ramadhan, Allah promised thousands blessings.

Yet, on Ramadhan many still mocking around. Many still count it as a business month. Many still make stupid, harsh jokes on socmed. Many still a hypocrite plastic. Many still unaware including me. Etc etc.

We all need a healing. Try to take Ramadhan as a trial for us to ponder for a change. To ponder, then to act for it. There's light if u keep seeking. It do exist if you dont cross your faith yet.

Salam Ramadhan everyone :)

p/s: this post is still incomplete, I'll progressively update it.