and now his watch is ended

I have graduated! - say the one who's just finished his foundation programme (erm fgs, two years foundation programme, sigh), which is not even official yet.

Ya, my last paper (Biology II) was on last Tuesday. 

But, let's make a review about my final exam first.

basic application of ict

Initially, I was really eager to join this class (that I always wanted to take this course on early semester) like woah its a computer class, sure thang lotso cool stuff on net to learn. but nahhh, now i know why i wasn't fated doing ict programme. 

throughout those 4 months of study, i had a head crash (ict-ically; head crash is a hard-disk failure that occurs when......) learning or actually more to memorising these technical facts about computers and stuffs, ok tipu, it was quite boring huaa.
uncool facts: were never focus on class. 3/4 of the hours playing with phone or looking at my chunky deskmate watching trailers on youtube, sebab apparently our venue dekat computer lab.
cool facts: had never sleep in that very comfortable class, with monitor in front of u where u basically can just put your head on desk and no one would realize. and have never bukak computer when madam kat depan sebab i think its rude. (lol playing with phone not rude ha?)
i fortunately managed to score each test except for second test yang memang aku tak study sebab i was frickin lazy. 

During the class on the first week, our madam (which I adore sebab she's teaching ict, graduated from the states but dress like a devout muslim with the tudung labuh and that ustazah-kind-of-face /ya things that u prolly shd expect studying in islamic environment college hahah aside from lotso angels shielding us, euw u outsiders better stop that / love to tell stories.

rooted from penang, she shared us her own experience during her high school where through her PE class, her teacher insisted her to unhijab or something - im sorry i forgot but its kinda like wearing the proper dresscode for gym class - and she said no, she'll race with shawl, sorta like that.) 

I mean like if i were at her place and if i were a girl , i might timidly listen to that teacher. but yeah you know, ask yourself, would u trade something for your religion?
ok, back to ict. oh, wait, perhaps i should make a shoutout about my lecturers i guess.

so, we started back to where we were just now. 

During the first week of classes, mdm mazlinah told us yang there will be six quizzes (sebenarnya lima je) and she will pick the best four for our carry marks. 

so i was like yasss thats it. I will sacrifice one quiz so i wont have to study before the test's day and  get to stay up late for sassy go go and internet burung hantu lol. 

and yes, tak study and managed to obtain only 12/25. the lowest i guess. but guess what, i feel like a loser when i looked at it, deep down in my heart feel like crap. satan, u really did a good job.

please guysss, dont do this. go study for your exam even if there's a good offer lol. you would never know if your instructors are taking back their words lol so here's my early padan muka.

its honestly a good start for me to start and concentrate my holy real revision for the next quizzes. 

and the assignments are hella good. we've been doing "great" (didnt expect for the outcome despite buat macam tak committed.) its a pair-work and for the first assignment, the video, 100% done by moon lol. he's the one yang record, edit, add up songs and steff, well the only thing i do is giving my matric number. 

and the moment bila aku tgk the less than 2mins vids (while he, amidst of it, with his annoying fake-sad reaction and gestures - he thinks he's an eastwood already), my heart says - euw, what's he's whining now in his videos lol. yes, my dear friend is so annoyingly dramatic. ok i admit it was good actually.

since, dia dah buat the first one, i have to make the second one. (our pair-work logic) the website. berbekalkan inspirasi minimalist dan tema asal: mental health (our theme for the video is also about mental issue). i finally launched our site and as usual it is a last minute job.

and both assignment hantar sehari selepas deadline. nasib baik madam mother-like and soft.

sorry for these rants u dont wanna hear (also goes for these one below).

well, the final exam was okay. i love how ethics banyak keluar like who didnt like common sense questions rite.

chemistry II

one word: satisfying 

three words: tak cukup masa (for rechecking hmmmm, 3 hours and still not cukup)

chemistry always started crap at first. like spm. masa form four, chemistry was hateful and were my least favourite subjects. tengah tengah form five baru macam "ohhh, macam ni ke rupanya nak jawab soalan ni." "ohhh, senang je rupanya chapter ni." lol

starting with organic chemistry, oh god why i have to deal with things that need to be memorized. and dapat only half mark for first quiz. what a sad beginning.

and "what a sad beginning" turns "what a sad beginning is worthless" real quick, knowing organic chem tak masuk final. sujud syukur.

and for chem II, only four chapters je. compared to chem I, yang lagi banyak and lagi banyak masa kena ada untuk spend for silberberg. and compared to bio II, thirteen-frickin-chapters *tears emoji*

everything was good except for interview project. the only question i were asked (when i had actually prepare for mechanism-kind-of-questions) is, "ok, ibrahim. what are the objectives of this project?"

and i was like, 
(monologue) - "what. omg madam u dont say. tak baca siak objectives. mampus"
(dialogue with madam) - "erm, our objective is to know 'say back the project title'. and then, erm..... erm....."
(monologue) - "omg brain do ur work. speak up, thin ass. kau yang buat objectives, how come u easily forget it."
- seriously i'm so baffled that moment, end up saying "erm, i guess thats all." leaving madam ketawa which i dont acknowledge as a sinis one, more like "oh ini je ke. ok".

and shoutout to madam nooraidah, our icon of elegant. inspiration for our future lecturer career, in case one of us want to be one (konon nanti pergi kelas bawa one bag je. balik office pun bawa one bag je.)

and shoutout to annex 204 for always being an iceland to us. -winter season ft. baju melayu.

and also shoutout to uia to always murah rezeki bayar duit aircond annex.

biology II

honestly, biology is actually the crappiest sciences subject for me. like the night before my final paper, i tried to answer soalan past year, end up smacking my head- for taking biology again after spm. 

"why u so stupid taking bio again when u know its goddamn lot for u."
"u know kan how pathetic your space capacity kat brain, even worst than 2GB punya pendrive, why u still take it"
"why do i take this course huaaa im so regret. can i turn back time"
sort of confession i made to myself. again.

but, no, im not regret and im not saying its hard neither. but its ALOT. EFFIN ALOT, MAN. seriously, not a cool test for testing patience.

but, relax. within hours, i get to calm my tits by watching the videos i downloaded from itaaleem provided by madam azrina.

i s2g, madam azrina is very, very dedicated and passionate. she uploaded every single resource she had to itaaleem for us. what a poignant scene knowing such efforts to ensure we all can do well for our exam.

did i mention that she's caring too? yes, she really is. if people ask me to define her by one word. i would say "very-caring (its a one word)". and was so good at captivating us with latest gossip that apparently circulating around the campus. and she loves bakery.

and, thanks to myself yang tiba-tiba rajin download the videos and documents, turn out to be so helpful (read: comforting food) di waktu saat saat akhir dan stressful begini.
and the final exam wasnt that bad. study week was supposed to be the final week of doing past years but being me, i took the chance doing a full revision by chapters. but the bottomline is, section a was not that mindfck. i would say quite easy lah.

and section b & c, somebody should have told us earlier yang only chapters tak masuk previous tests je akan masuk final exam even though soalan direct. like seriously, can u imagine i read all chapters anticipating semua chapters maybe masuk. i cry.

forgot about the gastrulation of frog, so i cant answered it well. not even what will happen after t cytotoxic activated during a kidney transplant. i cry. yang lain alhamdulillah was ok lah at least.

and during exam, tiga kali madam melawat aku yang duduk depan surrounded by sisters (sebab masuk lambat, nak relax perut yang tiba tiba rasa nak poop out). and terima kasih untuk her final visit where she helped me ingat balik sticky ends kahkah i was so stupid to lupa about sticky ends and the fact that aku lukis dna yang splitted for the question make me look stupid-er. 

overall, bio was ok. average. i didnt expect high for this subject.

i think the results would be released in two weeks sebab sem break dua minggu je for returning students (and 4 months for graduating students, so i'll continue later on my second part.)