an offbeat resolution

The first phase of a new year is the period that I used to stress on how to start up my planner; the night I stayed up to make "azam tahun baru (read: azam 2009)"; the day I rummaged through my stuff to reminisce, or curled on my bed, reading back the old conversations with the person that I'm no longer close and how I wish I could turn back time so everything would be just a pleasant memory.

This year, I aspire to make a memorable one. 

I want to save more, yet donate more. I want to bear the exact feeling of buying things that I craved for years with my own money. And with the rezeki He blessed, I desire to give a part of it to those unlucky sebab my math lecturer once remind me that "in every rezeki that Allah granted, there's always a part for the needy". And I hope this year I wouldnt have to donate with a blasted second thought.

I want to be kind and nice to strangers and stray animals. Give an uncle a free, warm hug. Smile at the hardworking employees and give them a thumbs up. Smile and greet the aunties that never stop cleaning the Annex Building. Give an old grandma who passed the sidewalk, flowers as a gift. Treat a total stranger at a coffee shop. Buy a kid, books at the bookstore. And feed the stray cats that always hungry, and give them a gentle pat.

I want to read more and avoid myself from backbiting and all those benda lagha you can practically imagine. And also, consume myself more on Tumblr, YouTube, Reddit, Goodreads, Quora etc because I suppose there's a lot to explore there. And learn what's really happening in my country. Best time to decide who should be trusted.

I want to keep a journal that lasted forever, update my blogs more frequently and to never discard things that I possessed. I swear I regretted myself for tossing out my high school's stuff. Definitely a huge mistake. Always keep your belongings sebab I believe when you get old, these things will bring laughter and joy to you.

I want to sleep early and become an early riser, wake up with no alarm, hahah. I know this might sound hard but this one whole year provided is sufficient enough to make a practice. Staying up late pun kengkonon sebab rasa those yang tidur awal is literally lifeless. Hahaha, guess now the phrase the night is still young is an utter bullshit, if it's not bring any profit. Termasuklah stay up lewat sebab study last minute. Everyone would be agreed that the morning after Subuh worth more than the morning after 12am. As if.

I want to solat di awal waktu and read quran more. Lel, know this might sound abit poyo or corny. And go to the masjid more frequently, since my dad never fails to remind me to Subh dekat surau bawah but heck yeah till now I'm still trying, and hopefully this year would be the year he didn't need to remind me again.

And I want to live a fit, healthy life sebab I dont think I'm beyond healthy atm. As I'm pledging to donate healthy organs when I died soon. Let's us. Saya Sudah Berikrar. Satu Ikrar Sejuta Harapan. Derma Organ Demi Kehidupan. Hamboii tagline meleis much.

In Sha Allah.


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