2015 quick recap

2015 has been a tough year for me. Well, that pretty much sum up everything huh. 2015, tough year.

And I really should consider posting photos on Instagram (in a desperate tone) because that seem just a great way to look back what had happened throughout the year, or perhaps blogs more (but cant afford this lol). Or maybe starting a manual planner because it really works for me to track back what I did before when I was in high school since we were given each a school's diary.

I cant recapitulate well sebab these below are only whats on my head, apparently. Sebab my life last year basically was separated into two sebab I was up for two semesters, so rasa macam dua tahun yang berbeza lol. You get me right.

I tried to become positive each day and I actually did at certain degree I think. But, there's more goals to achieve and a happier, carefree life is one of it.

Still left one semester before expected to graduate and presumably resume my degree on Sept. I'm so done with iium duh.

A lot of things that happened this year made me realized that family comes first. And you don't actually really need a bundle of friends to collect or brag. Keep the circle small and ditch those that ain't worth your time, care and affection.

- The demise of my only grandpa last Sept is a huge loss to us. Alfatihah.
- My sister's got engaged last Feb subsequently got hitched last Dec. (And I dont make a proper post about it because I'm so jammed)

but here's a picture of us on The Red Wedding lol.


(and, sigh, I'm turning 20 this nov. Twenty, cool huh.)