how to download videos from any site? or maybe torrent?

{as brief as possible.}

I haven't posted anything for a month. Well, alot of draft queued in because I have a lot to rant and hype all over this medium but guess like I'm having my writer's block now lol.

And I downloaded a quite no. of dramas recently. Suppose I need to share with any desperate or anyone unlucky enough sebab you can absolutely habiskan masa mereput tengok drama.

You can basically download anything via torrent. Download the software, not really sure which one really works. Mine has been downloaded, suddenly, thanks to my aunt. [maybe u can try here

Once installed, go to any site that provides torrent files. I preferred Kickass Torrent and Yify Torrent or Pirate Bay.

Click any desired file. I always check for the size of the file, the resolution and of course lah the comments people posted. Read the comments. Somehow, it's helpful. 

Aku suka kalau boleh file below 1G sebab malas nak tunggu dia download lama-lama, then pick yang 720p pun okay. Daripada bazir download DVDRip yang file kecil, end up gambar cem haram.


You can either tekan the magnet button (which directly terus download kat utorrent) or button "download torrent" (which akan save file je, you know what I mean).

Pooff, next procedure I think it so easy and predictable. You can learn by yourself, jangan annoy your kins in your circle. Figure out yourself.

Till now, actually aku pun tak reti menda seeders, leechers ni. Kononnya lagi banyak seeders or leechers lagi laju download, well perhaps ya but after all its depend to your connection juga.

From any site

If you intend nak download kdrama (sebab I barely find a decent kdrama series dekat torrent site), you can download juga the videos no worry. 

Go to any kdrama site. My favorite is dramafire. Though resolution takdelah cantik mana but bolehlah. Asalkan nampak muka.

Via Google Chrome, download Flash Video Downloader. Restart chrome.

Pergi dramafire or anywhere you wanna stroll, play the videos. Click blue downward arrow at the toolbar. Automatically it'll detect any media played, click download. Easy peezzy.

Or if you have been wondering juga acane nak download youtube videos without using youtube downloader or stuffs. Well, go to any youtube videos. At the link, add "ss" before "youtube", it'll directly bring you to the download site.
You're welcome.