anak kecil

I went to two different mosques today, and suddenly I create this brand new goal on list: to go to 5 different masjid at different states in one day.

And I peed alot today sebab it was raining along the journey, plus aircond kereta sejuk bangat, I reckoned it was pointed on 3 or 2, and I was alone at the back seat, shivering like hell (dengan ootd; short sleeve and slipper), wondering my parent kat depan act macam tak sejuk langsung despite the air cond and hujan. that is so fetch.

So the pee-trip.

Noticed one dad cebok-ing (malay kind of anal cleansing - featuring the hands of a dad) his lil child inside a cubicle that left opened. That kid is so bising and banyak tanya. 

"Ayah kenapa siling (he actually called it bumbung) atas ni terbuka." 

"Ayah kenapa siling ni je yang terbuka?" "Ayah apa ada dalam tu?" 

Perhaps the questions were to meredakan that father yang pasrah terpaksa cebok anak dia. And he indeed memang tabah and sabar menjawab soalan. 

Then the kid started to change the subject of his questions. 

"Ayah kenapa x and y mati?" 

Pretty sure x and y was a TV characters that he watched through YouTube on the phone. (I cant remember the characters' names anyway so just x and y). 

Then, the father closed the door and he asked "Ayah kenapa ayah nak kencing?" 

Lol I heard him. 

I peed, flushed the toilet, washing my feet at the entrance and meet the pair. And he asked his final question, "Ayah kenapa abang ni basuh kaki?" 

Well dik sebab it's an applicable routine after flushing toilet for a half-germophobe and a half-terpaksa-masuk-toilet-even-kotor-mana-pun-if-darurat.

Kids are so clueless, annoyingly doubtful and they have like a serious, deep interest in question mark. And that's cute.

I miss being a kid. And I miss riding in the car with the whole family when we were merely kids. I feel so close to them in such circumstance.

When I was in elementary school, we used to have a weekly road-trip usually pergi mall or picnic or kampung abah or kenduri kahwin yang jauh or family getaway etc etc, far away from our home. And the six of us disumbat into one car (one time it was Unser, so its not really bersumbat) but when it was the old-Vios-model, the bottom three surely need to be pangku, and I usually take the middle seat since I dont pangku anyone besides I was roughly 35kg, we cant risk a kereta senget-sebelah. The seating position was permanent until ummi can no longer pangku amai.

Anyway, I'm practically stoked hahahahah read: Why children who sit in middle seat are 'more successful in later life' (kengkonon)

We started every venture with a real-loud-doa-recitation. It's like a ritual. And now bila dah besar, the kids take the part. It's like kau kena baca doa kuat kuat sebab kau kecil lagi - sort of haha.

We used to have fun sing-along all the way through the ride. Our favorites (or actually me and the rest three) was singing Playhouse Disney TV shows' opening themes - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to Winnie the Pooh to Little Einstein to Handy Manny to Higglytown Heroes. Yass, I'm the avid Disney-er. 

Or sometimes tasmik Yassiin sebab tu je surah panjang yang hampir dihafal that time. Apart from konon nak shielding kereta lol.

When it was raining, we'll play this water droplet race (details: each choose a rain droplet on the car's mirror, and the droplet that reach the bottom first win.) But I suppose nobody ever win, we lost track lol.

We also used to pick our favorite car on the highway and kira kereta Myvi (idk why Myvi perhaps Myvi was the most bought that year - minor's logic). And will go heboh when there's unusual sport car aka kereta retis found hahah.

I remembered when abah still have that Toyota Unser, I often chose to sit at the back and I'd always go cheeky. Wearing a sweater, digging my head into it and turned headless. Then trying so hard to startle people on the road lol. 

Or sometimes, I also used to act cacat, making weird faces to people and its super hilarious. 

There's also time we played riddles (I mean sorta lame riddles) and basically all riddles were recycled. I remembered one riddle I got in standard four at school. 

"Haiwan apa yang keluar haid". 

Thats what I heard, and I had to brainstorm in gross; binatang apa je yang period. Daring gila sape yang tanya ni lol. 

Well the actual question is "Haiwan apa yang keluar head." Omg lame kan. (answer: kekura)

There's more but can't really recall.

There were few games that we played exclusively inside the car like cecupak - sort of rock-scissor-paper but you got punished at the end if you lose, and one of it was a head starlight.

We played cacarcaklicar - lol that's totally how its sound. The way we played it was someone need to initiate an expression or hand/body move, and the next person need to imitate the exact hand-or-face-move, and at the same the initiator need to create a new expression, and you have to sing that stupid-cacarcaklicar magic words repeatedly in rhytm. Basically its sort-of a chain game. 

And then the goreng pisang game - you start with singing "goreng pisang 2x goreng pisang sekarang, pisang apa 2x pisang apa sekarang". And the next person need to tell what kind of pisang to continue the chain, and we usually take pisang tanduk sebab lepastu nak ambil tanduk kerbau, then kerbau balar, and then balachandran. Forgot already the usual chain lol.

Sometimes bila ada kertas kosong; which I always have sebab Im such a loser nerd back then, pergi mana mana mesti bawa buku nota kecil, konon nak catat info, dafuq lmfao. We played this game with heading "nama, haiwan, benda, negara, stuff stuff." And theres points for each answer. If you chose an answer yang orang lain tak ambil, you'll get full 100 points but if you share your answer with someone else, you have to cut it half. 

(circa 2006)

There's more actually but im too damn lazy to remember. But I swear we had so much fun.

Yet that was the days when everyone is little, free and happy. The day when my biggest concern was what to buy waktu rehat nanti.

Now, the highlight would be najib and some other political junks, which I found fun sebab I always eager to know about it. hahah funny that I developed my interest on politic in a car. 

But mostly, I would rather sleep throughout the journey with my earphone inside. Or go for Twitter drama, layan brgsjks hahah that dipshit is hilarious.

Anyhow, I miss being anak kecil. But you cannot go young forever.

Growing up is somehow sucks but I know I have to deal with it.

p/s: anticipating a vivid-dramatic-roadtrip that deserved an entry here.