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(part 1) : lets be real and stop concealing.

do you have someone yang you have to pretend to like him/her when you know your tahap kebencian towards them are really like at the highest level, sampai if they tickle you one more you'll spit every filthy profanity on their face. but you know you can't sebab you just can't.

i have this kind of depression. i don't like someone but i have to pretend to be comfort whenever they came curling up at my place when i know in the last 5 mins of theirs there, i'm gonna get my knife ready on their eyeball. but you know you can't sebab you just can't.

the reason you have to do so is because they are like the only friends or kins you have there so you kena behave sebab if you do something wrong bcs of your hatred towards them, you'll get yrself dumped and you know you can't survive alone at a place that is not yours.

this is deadly pathetic. a very embarrassing trait that deserve a pure disgrace bcs you're living a life that you're not into. your life full of lie and fake. the obvious shame is bcs you can just simply say no to things that you like. but you know you can't sebab you just can't.

you have to jaga your kepentingan there, which is somehow the survival. you know you tak sanggup nak face the consequences if you pop up the destruction balloon.

it is difficult to deny things you're not agreed sebab you're afraid. afraid of the effect you never know in what way will you get.

the frustration is real bcs there's at least one person in this Earth that will feel me. lain manusia, lain struggle dia. selfish ppl will kept on barking things they know they can do, and keep being an ignorant selfish.

the least i can do is bluetick. sebab dah nyampah kan so tak boleh tolong nak de-nyampah balik.

biarlah friends for benefit ke or what they wanna labelled u, asalkan dapat satisfy that little heart, that's even better.

this is nevertheless had nothing to do with any existence lol. just a random scribble. somehow didnt expect to be this honest. lol. and SOMEONE FINALLY SPIT IT. you have no idea.
- to be continued