Girls, Have You Ever Considered Statement Watch?

Watches are known to be an essential accessory for women, even men to make their outfit appear more stunning. It substitutes the normal bracelets and acts as a time telling instrument at the same time. True, that we often glances our phone to tell the time but having a watch stuck to your wrist gives you that extra security.

Women who are looking for a different touch to their fashion appearance can switch those normal stainless steel watches with something more daring like a piece of statement watch. For the ladies who are looking on the best statement watches to own at home, the jewelled statement watches are the perfect selection. These bedazzled wrist watches are great for women to show off to dinner parties, a date or a special occasion. The embellished jewels give women that classy elegant feel walking out in public. The jewelled watches have that expensive element which can definitely boost your confidence in front of others. 

Another statement watch that women can flaunt off on a casual day out is the strap watch. Strap watches are designed to resemble a bracelet and have that edgy element to it which you could show off without ever looking as if you are trying too hard. The strap statement watch is a suitable piece to wear as an everyday accessory and is versatile to be matched with anything you have. Whether you match the strap watches with a basic tee, skater dress or a jumpsuit, the strap watches definitely exposes your simplicity in style.

However, if you do not want to splurge on a new statement watch but still dreams in creating the look, worry no more as you can absolutely achieve it. Women can wear their stainless steel or leather watches and perk it up by pairing it with bangles. Dig in your jewellery box for bangles which can enhance your old watch and create that statement piece without spending a dime. 

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