random shits of the early feb

1. I just started my semester 3, back on jan 18. I have my sidekicks as my dormmates on this current sem. I took only 4 subjects for this semester and the schedule is okayyyy. Two weeks after checked in, we moved to another room which is just one floor below the previous level (Level 7), and sad to know wifi lembap. 

2. I went to the bbw'15 and bought only 5 books. I like this one better since they reduced the price. I'm currently reading Jodi Picoult's Between The Lines for few pages, and stopped before I realized I got two unfinished tutorial stacked on my desk, and two quizzes next week. Wish me luck.

3. I was informed that my sis gonna engaged, yet married, soooon. I'm srsly happy and cant wait to be an uncle ahahaha.

3. Still waiting for my squad day out. And some promising movies, listed in my brain, that deserved to be watched on theatre. And ice skating. 

4. Getting better on managing my pocket money and a healthy diet snack lol. Still working on some good exercise routine (lmfao) but I'm doing squat now ahahahah.

5. Still cant help myself on drowning into some pathetic cheap conversation. Still a human being. Still that unattractive. Still doubt my own sanity. Still confusing. Still the same, but still trying hard to aware.

6. Got a few stucked buylists and goals to achieved by 2k15. but not to be listed here, apparently. the goals suck.

basically a boring paragraph that I could ever thought of. btw, be fab on feb.