released for a hunt

im liberated.
back to basic.

dealing again with the common
perhaps still lingering like usual
but i'll endeavour for an amendment
for a transmogrify.

LOL, currently i am on my semester break. ehem, a 3 months holiday specifically. it is day 4 and still doing nothing, sigh.

i shd hv learnt my lesson but yeah still imprisoned on the bed, rocked by the dreams and last night i dreamt of this eerie creature (zombie), some weird stuff idk its kinda a torment for me. i rather see that as a blow. a crazy nightmare bitten by a child zombie, its super horrifying, met an unknown tribe telling there's zombies escaping. then two group of people, erm villagers i thought, stuff liddat then suddenly a girl being accused but the truth is she is controlling everything like wth ikr. and the climax and also the part where i finally woke up is when i got bitten by that childlike zombie ahah. fuh, fortunately got myself awakened if not yeahh everyone know if u got bit by a zombie then u ultimately will transform into a zombie too. nahh, i hv never thought abt that. calm calm, its just a dream aka mainan setan.

im never a zombie freak. my fav phantom is probably urm no, i like nothing. wait, dementor perhaps if u considered it as specter kind. nevertheless still, go away you shuhhh. give me a baby panda or a baby zebra or a baby penguin. but i can say no to plants vs zombie lol.

sorry for a super lame post. im trying hard to feed this lil abode of mine. tataa.

upcoming plan (a hope) : read loads of books i bought this year, practise my driving skill since i turned to be completely crap over it, go for a nature activity, probably doing some charity works, get a part time job urm, watch a new drama series and movie, else?


  1. we do the same thing and yea i am on sem break too . but i got 2 months ... sobs

  2. @nursyuhada : hahah ikr. but i am more to tak tahu nak buat apa ahah. hum i thought 2 months pun still deem as a long period eheh :)

  3. @zakira afina : uhm yeap. r u doing foundation there too?


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