Its Nearly End

It has been a long time I guess for leaving you, my bloody fragment. Much apologies but I did swear few months ago that I, at least, will feed anyone (no one perhaps) once a month, and again my apology go for this too.

You know, I’ll write when I experience something valuable; and indeed it is. I’ll be finishing my very first semester soooon (right after my final exam). So, this is only a pre-post I supposed.

I'm still not thoroughly completed any revision. Though its only two, which I previously seen as more uncomplicated to be handled but yet it's the most lethal - lol wrong term I know. I shouldn't have explained more, you figure out yourself.

I'll be leaving most of my classmate on next semester since we're going to be separated into our own programme. So, there will be about 11 of us remained and an addition of some same-course girls. Tbh, am not really understand whether our apt & ept result will affect our class arrangement. I actually will be more happy if I were going to get sorted into a new family. 

College life isn't easy. I knew it since I graduated my high school. I usually ended stress because of several upset. I’m not really perform, yet. I torture myself with a wasting habit. “Procastinator” always succeeding. 'Peer pressure' sometimes playing their part too harsh. Quite a number of last minute groupwork that's truly infuriating.

Nevertheless, I sort some relieves. I travel alone. That’s it. Alone, I prefer. I cash a lots. I mean loads. And, yea it still hurting me to own such desire of bringing back anything that charm you. I watched Harry Potter too often (LOL, idk why but its feel like living back my childhood) right after my wrong steps of unaccidentally open it. Its become additive recently I swear. I also read some steff that I thought I would managed to finish by this year. And its glum to know the steff aren't my hundreds pages Campbell and Silberberg books, sorry, it's encyclopedias obviously. I ridicule thru messaging with lost buddies daily. Three person are still considerable. The rests are just pretend sleeping or do yoga. Longing for some appreciate.

Chill you my dear soul. It's only your first year. Yet, tons of challenges to be explored. It's just a first step before your happy ending. Even Harry can cope his first year very well. LOL.

Apart from this, my desire of having things (I am more passionate on calling it belonging actually) shall never be rest. Remember, there will always be another ways. But, just for once, Number One; before 2014 end please.