my post spm activities

ohh godd, almost june dah. almost 6 months I've been pampering myself with the serenity of my home sweet home. for 6 months, there were no homeworks; basically, what a yayy. ahah.

so, for about 6 months kat rumah tu what did i do. and here's my confession, my remorse and my not rly advice tho. Hahah.

admit it yang korang pernah listkan 'what to do' after spm or at least before I die and the list sangatlah panjang sebab banyak benda nak buat bila dah free temporary kan. 
"I'm gonna swim with the sharks. I would pet a panda. I'll celebrate myself with 5 jars of nutella. etc etc."

and dalam hati dah suka gila sebab all these things for sure akan korang buat sebab yeahh, dah free kan.

and my situation is all these bucket lists ni palsu belaka. thinking yg the bucket list is too less extreme to do. Haha, these are some from what I've been listed out few weeks before the big exam.

write a book or at least a fiction (failed) get a job, ini sumpah aku mimpi betul (big fail) cures my facial acne, body pimples, bla bla related (major fail) spend time with le friends, generally having some outdoor activities (we go out once but apparently its still a fail)

let me tell you why its happened to be like this.

sebab aku pemalas. sebab aku kuat procastinate. sebab aku memang takde hala tuju when doing something, lol wth. ok ok.

and I'm so regret. I just wasted my 6 months punya cuti macam tu je. I dare say I gain nothing. im'ma loser. but at least I learnt, I realized that.

and its too late to feel guilt 'bout this ppl. 'cos this june nak sambung belajar balik. get back to the things where u used to. haha, hostel life ketika di awal waktu, I meant by during the freshie year is quite a displeasure. i dunno whether i can bear that short-term moment or not. well, life in uni is quite different tho aku belum experience lagi. nvm, hv faith in allah.

ok, back to the topic. to the bakal lepasan spm, my profound advice is plan well ur holiday. go search some beneficial activities to do; helpful pursuits to develop yourself, to make a progress on urself. and good luck.

sup, nigga