Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Aku dah cuba benda alah ni and happy to say its WORK (trust me ;A;). So, siapa-siapa yang rasa nak gigi putih macam Fazura, bolehlah cuba home remedy ni. Lepas ni dah tak payahlah nak beli Colgate Optic White ke, Darlie Expert White ke, hydrogen peroxide ke yang macam korang jumpa dalam textbook chemistry, yang semuanya punyalah mahal. So, just try this easy weekly routine, and within a month, you guys dah boleh tengok resultnya. After gigi dah putih, bolehlah senyum lebar-lebar masa selfie kan.

You'll Need.
1. Lime or Lemon - (not lemon juice)
2. Soda bicarbonate or baking soda - (but it is recommended to use soda bicarbonate)

So basically, you'll make a paste from these.

Tips and Warning.
1. Do only once a week - to avoid weakening of enamel, or nuff said, to avoid causing sensitivity to your teeth.
2. Do this at night (before sleep), right after you brush your teeth with a regular toothpaste.
3. You may use water if you dont have lemon or lime.

1) Put one spoon of bicarbonate soda into a clean bowl. Crushkan sikit bagi jangan ketul-ketul.
2) Cut a lemon/lime into half. Squeeze half of the lime/lemon onto the bicarbonate soda - you'll see the juice from it will react with the bicarbonate soda, forming bubble. (Kita belajar chemistry kan, bila acid react dengan base, reaction occur. Lol, I almost forget everything.)
3) Wait until the bubble go down. Kalau paste tu macam cair sikit, bolehlah letak one spoon of bicarbonate soda lagi or half spoon. And now, bolehlah brush your teeth with that paste. Brush macam biasa, jangan tertelan pula.

Again, DO ONLY ONCE A WEEK. or you may end up toothless, lol.

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2) I'll post my own instruction photo and a picture of my teeth comparison soon.