I just being humble

Day 1: Write to yourself about 10 things you love about yourself, 5 about personality and 5 about appearance!
Dear me,
I know I judge you so harshly due to my perfectionist nature. I know it makes you feel like you are incapable of accomplishing anything at times. If could, I wanna be like others that I really adore but this seem to be an issue that may related to ungrateful. Though, there are some things that I really love about myself.

I love my lips, and eyes, and hands, and fingers, and every part of it.
I like they way I think about someone. It's cool.
I know how to appreciate a friendship.
I can save my own money but sometimes in a short period.
I enjoy eating without gaining much weight, if not I will surely registering the weight loss show.
I love writing. It's a peace and relax activity ever, for me.
I am a right-handed. The same hand use for eating.
I enjoy being fake. Idk. For some importance.
I dont talk much. And I love it.
I think I'm funny. Haha.

I am not a social guy. I mean I'm not a friendly type. And I'm happy.
I am patient, sometimes.
I am an incurable observant. 
I am a law obedient. Sadly.
I am the one you can trust on. Like seriously.

About the appearance, actually, I hate my appearance. Well, they way people look me is enough for me to feel that I'm really bad in dressing up my appearance. You are judges by your appearance. What a pitiful.

As for this new year, I promise to ease up and allow some breathing room to not do everything perfectly or worse yet not start at all. I promise to encourage to let loose, try new things, and even to fail as long as I have tried.
I want to spend less time talking about myself, and more time listening to what other people have to say about me.
And 2014 is going to be a great year for me. Gbye.