Stop Discriminating

Day 2: Write to yourself about one thing you wish you could change in this world.
I had spending my evening in silence and listen to my inner wisdom, brainstorming on this. Things that I wish I could change in this world. What does the world need to change? What do people need to heal?
I wish there wasn’t any prejudice and racism. I wish we wouldn’t treat the world so badly. I wish people were treating each other more fairly. I wish more people would make their dreams come true instead of living up to norms, other people’s expectations and their own limited beliefs.
I have been experience many hard situations and the worst is about society, treating the others. Sometimes, they judge you by the way you walk, you talk, you look, by your appearance, the clothes you wear and the religion you follow. People just don’t bother taking the time to get to know others before they make a judgement. Basically, they base it on a lack of knowledge and lack of understanding.

If each of us, tried to be more caring, made a concerted effort to treat people with respect, we would make this world a much nicer place to live in. What so crazy is, the fact that it would be so easy – all you have to do is treat people the way you like to have them treat you.
I remembered my English teacher once told us or actually always reminding us for our novel 'step by wicked step' (guideline for answering spm ques. haha), we should get along better with each other and not self centered because other people are important too. We are living in the same world. Show more respect to each other. Things would get better. Goodbye.
If you change nothing, nothing will change