a great woman

Dear mommy,

To simply say thank you, just wouldn’t be enough. The strength in the word woman defines you. Every positive quality, every mention of grace and love, you represent it all. Because you’re a great woman of worth, I’m a great son of worth. It was your vision that aided my dreams, your support that allowed me to go out and impact the world, and your faith that I knew I will become successful one day. You are my queen. You are my favorite person. You are my best friend. You are my mother. You helped me become the great person I am today.

I made and make mistakes, I have flaws, and I made and make errors in judgment. And there’s still so much I don’t know about life. There’s so much I’ve yet to learn and discover about my path. There’s so much I’ve yet to see, but one thing is for sure; I know love when I see it. I know what love does for people. I know how it changes them. I recognize the growth it requires, I acknowledge the giving it inspires and I’ve experienced and witnessed your love my whole life. I know love. And everyday I recognize it in you.

Great women have this mystery about them. And one thing you’ve shown me about great women is that they don’t have to say anything, they just have the power to make their presence alone speak volumes. You never stop giving, even when you’re feeling unappreciated, even when you’re getting taken for granted, you continue to love. God knows you’re a great woman.

I appreciate the greatness in you. I appreciate you loving a man and believing in him enough to stay there, I appreciate you loving me, my sister and my brother and raising us right. I appreciate you giving, selflessly. You’ve never reminded us of what you lost, you’ve just chosen to live in love, and because you’ve done that, and continue to do that, I’m able to call myself love today.

thank you