school year is officially ended.

28th november 2013.
historical date to be remembered.
the day I leave my teachers. my real dedicated teacher ; ever seen. no doubt. I'm gonna miss my excellent teachers for the rest of my life.
the day I leave my super-best-friend. friends of caring, understanding, nice, sporting and supreme funny. the real 24/7 life with you guys is the most memorable one. I'll be missing you guys a lot.
the day I leave my life cycle there. exactly same weekly routine. even though, sometimes I feel stressful, ahah.
the day I leave my lovely hostel, my dear kasturi, my favor c103.
the day I leave everything that created my sweetest memories there.
and for sure, the day I leave my school. saser sayang, ahahahahahaha.

dear god, I'm thankful to you, for this school.
all I can say, alhamdulillah, thank you for my teachers, my friends and my truly SASER.
goodbye ppl, see you march next year, the day we will celebrated our excel. the day to release all the misses. ahah.

hoping for a better future with a better spm result. xxx

sorry for a really bad english. I write what I like, got problem?