I'm Feeling Lucky with Google

Siapa pernah main I'm Feeling Lucky yang ada dekat google tu ? Yeah, kalau korang dah boring tak tahu nak buka apa. Let's try this :D

First korang pergi google.com. Kena setting dulu sebab tak nak kasi Instant Search. Or terus klik SINI. Dapat tak ? Okay, sila tengok bawah -

Done. Jangan lupa tekan button save dekat bawah.

Now, dah boleh main trick I'm Feeling Lucky. Pergi google.com. Tulis tajuk 'trick' itu dan tekan I'm Feeling Lucky.

1) Google Gravity

2) Google Sphere

3) Google Loco

4) Annoying Google

5) Epic Google

6) Google Pacman

7) Who's The Cutest

8) Google Pirate

9) Google Hacker

10) Google Rainbow

11) Google Gothic

12) Google Reverse or Google Reverse

13) Let It Snow

14) Google Chuck Norris

15) LOL limewire

16) weenie google

17) 2204355

18) do a barrel roll (Press Enter - No I'm Feeling Lucky)

Enjoy yourself. Credits to Shaanhaider . 
Remember a Muslim should not wish Merry Christmast - Source


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